Love Every Day

To remind someone that you love them

Every day


Mission statement

We are committed to helping you maintain a connection with someone you love and support.

We will help you Loveeveryday someone you love.

Love Every Day® is a drawstring bag that says LOVE on the outside and contains 365 strips of paper inside that each say "I love you". The recipient should remove one message every day for one year, to be reminded of how you feel about him or her. Add your own messages.

This is a gift for any special day, such as a birthday, an anniversary, St. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or as a Wedding Favor. It is especially suited for parents to give their children, to provide the benefit that feeling loved gives.

1. The drawstring bag can be stuffed with your own messages; "You are beautiful", "We are proud of you."

2. When the message strips are finished, the drawstring bag can be used for other things and still be a reminder of your love.

3. If the love ends, the drawstring bag can be saved as a reminder of the good times or it can be destroyed in an imaginative way.

Purchase Love Every Day
Love Every Day

Purchase the T-shirt that reminds you of Love Every Day


Blue or Maroon with white letters

Love Every Day® on the chest



With a Dog Portrait above it

Men's sizes S, M, L, XL @ $12 each

Detail of T-shirt with Dog Portrait

Plain T-shirts
T-shirts with Dog Portrait
Bumper sticker that reminds you of Love Every Day

The bumper sticker costs $3.00, plus $1.00 shipping and handling ($4.00 total).

Future products that remind you of Love Every Day

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